LBC’s Brexit update was interrupted by the reporter’s 4-year-old causing mayhem

We must surely all remember the time the BBC’s Korea correspondent, Professor Robert Kelly, was interrupted during an interview by the arrival of his children, making them the most famous family in the world for a short time.

It seems that radio journalists are at risk from the same type of interruption, and LBC’s Theo Usherwood was at the heart of his own little drama during a Brexit update with Eddie Mair. The action starts at around 1:30.

Neither Theo nor Eddie could control their laughter as the little boy proceeded to flood the LBC political editor’s garden with a hose. Listeners enjoyed the spectacle, too.

If you were wondering what happened after the interview …

Petition for Theo’s four-year-old to be involved in all Brexit interviews from now on – complete with hose.

Source: LBC

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