Channel 5 ranked chocolate bars and it’s even worse than their crisps effort

You’ll remember the widespread outrage that greeted Channel 5’s so-called efforts to put crisps in some sort of order.

Well now they’ve done something similar with chocolate bars and, well, just get a load of this, as shared on Twitter by the great Scott Bryan.

Just in case that’s tricky to read.

God tier – Galaxy, Dairy Milk, Aero

Top tier – Bounty, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk

Mid tier – Twix, Boost, Lindt, Wispa, Dairy Milk Caramel, Maltesers

Don’t come anywhere near me with these – Mars, Galaxy Smooth Caramel, Toblerone, Green & Blacks, Crunchie, Thorntons

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

And don’t even go here.

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Channel 5 has ranked Britain’s favourite crisps and it’s fair to say not everyone’s happy about it