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This epic story of a parking space standoff is the thread we all need right now

There are so many things that can be incredibly irritating when you’re looking for a parking space: the cars parked slightly over the line that effectively render a whole space useless or the space that becomes free just as you drive past it on a one-way street, for example. But, can anything be worse than pulling up to parallel park, just like your driving instructor taught you to do, only to have some joker drive into the space and leave you high and dry?

From her window in Koreatown, L.A., Twitter user @Mrhflrs spotted just such a situation, resulting in an epic standoff, which she kindly live-tweeted, providing an explanatory commentary.

She asked people to pick a team.

It was clearly causing problems on the road.

As the dispute dragged on, it stopped Mariah from doing any work.

Finally, the parking deadlock was broken – but not by either car giving in.

Weirdly, the impasse continued.

Who would blink first?

Mariah considered reaching out …

But Silver got out of the car!

She created an email address.

Then, with both drivers away from their cars, Mariah popped down and left them each a note.

Naturally, this was a photo opportunity.

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