Matt Lucas’ version of Boris Johnson’s Brexit hissy fit is simply perfect

Boris Johnson hasn’t exactly clothed himself in glory where Brexit is concerned – not that anybody else has.

He was part of the group that peddled lies printed on the side of a bus and he dramatically resigned from the cabinet over a plan he’d agreed to, only to later endorse that plan in exchange for the promise of a shot at the leadership. It’s almost as though he’s an incompetent man who cares only about his own advancement – “almost”.

When he heard Theresa May’s speech on Tuesday, he decided to take to Twitter to register his displeasure.

Given that he and his Leave colleagues had insisted the UK was already subjugated to the EU, it was an interesting take, to say the least. Actor Matt Lucas recorded his version of the hissy fit, giving us a more tangible grasp of the MP’s tweets.

It was like a wonderful step back into Little Britain, and Twitter gave it the love it deserved.

But Matt wasn’t the only person taking Boris Johnson to task.

The Independent’s political sketch writer, Tom Peck, translated from Boris into English.

Thanks, Tom. That’s much clearer.