People have noticed a change in the Brexit headlines – and not in a good way

If nothing happens to stop it, the UK should be experiencing Brexit in nine days, ending almost three years of to-ing and fro-ing that seems to have gained nothing but a worse reputation worldwide and a possible trade deal with Liechtenstein. In that time, the attitude of some of the media towards the Government – in particular, the Prime Minister – has lurched into a bad place, much like the Brexit negotiations.

Writer, James Felton, noticed a difference in the Times.

It’s unlikely that the EU has wasted any time on quaking in its boots. People commented on the starkly different rhetoric.

Buzzfeed’s Europe editor, Alberto Nardelli, saw a similar development in the Daily Mail, which was showing its change of management in flashing neon.

The Mail’s new take was very much in line with a broad section of the Twitter public.

Guy Cheese-Pie summed up the mixed feelings the papers have raised.