This blatantly sexist advice for bosses would be a fantastic way to treat everyone

Women have always formed part of the workforce, sometimes in menial positions within a household or as factory workers helping in the mass production of fabrics, pottery or mechanical components. When World War II led to a greater influx of women into offices, factories and retail services, it was difficult for some bosses to accept, so they were sent some gentle persuasion.

This advice for anyone considering employing women, or feeling reluctant to do so, shared the “feminine” attributes a company might value, as well as tips on how to help women cope in a “man’s world”.

It introduced the innovative idea that women could actually be taught stuff.

Women could be patient, presumably unlike men who might smash up the shop floor if a job didn’t go to plan, perhaps?

Women could be careful – just look at this one handling a record without crushing it in her clumsy hands – hallelujah!

Women can be cooperative – see how these women are cooperating in sitting next to each other, because that’s how cooperation works.

But, look at the advice –

When she does a good job, tell her so.

Have the necessary equipment, tools and supplies ready for her.

Don’t change her shift too often and never without notice.

Try to provide a clean place to eat lunch, away from her workplace. Make pure and cool drinking water accessible.

Provide properly adjusted work seats, good ventilation and lighting.

This is just a good way to treat workers of any gender – a basic requirement, in fact.

Most of the comments reflect this view.

Someone suggested modern standards fall somewhat short of these guidelines.

One commenter imagined the potential consequences of not following this advice.

We’ve all been there.

Source: Bored Panda