John McCain’s daughter Meghan just owned Donald Trump for ‘obsessing’ over her father

Donald Trump has been attacking John McCain for years now and the fact that the one-time presidential candidate who won admiration for his bravery as a prisoner of war in Vietnam died last August hasn’t stopped him.

This time he was targeting McCain’s ties to the controversial Russia dossier and, well, have a read for yourself.

Oh, and this.

His latest attack prompted much criticism and many, many heartfelt replies.

But no-one put it as well as McCain’s daughter, Meghan.

Beautifully done. And she later followed it up on American talk show The View, where she said this.

‘He will never be a great man. My father was his kryptonite in life, he’s his kryptonite in death.

‘On a personal level, all of us have love and families and when my father was alive up until adulthood, we would spend our time together, cooking, hiking, fishing, really celebrating life and I think it’s because he almost died.

‘And I thought, your life is spent on your weekends not with your family, not with your friends but obsessing, obsessing over great men you could never live up to. That tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life right now.’