These 15 facts sound fake – but they’re not

Fake news is everywhere – only yesterday we saw a claim that the Brexit Secretary made a powerful speech for a government motion, then immediately voted against it, and that must be fake. These facts, however, sound as though they should be fake, yet are absolutely true.

1. The Greenland shark has an average lifespan of 272 years

2. Honey stays edible forever

3. Every planet of the whole solar system can fit between the earth and the moon

4. LEGO makes more tyres than any of the major tyre manufacturers

5. Cheetahs can’t roar – they do a loud meow

6. IKEA’s catalogue is as widely owned as the Bible and the Koran combined

7. The average cumulus cloud weighs 500,000kg

8. A glass ball can bounce higher than a rubber ball of the same size