WTF story of the week: a mobile phone saved a man from a serious arrow injury

Remember all those stories about bibles and lucky coins stopping bullets in the trenches of World War I? Well, this is a lot like that, only instead of a bible, it’s a mobile phone, and instead of the trenches of the Great War, it’s a street in New South Wales, Australia, and instead of a bullet, it’s an arrow.

The very lucky man – if you ignore the fact that someone wanted to hit him with an arrow – was outside his home when he spotted the shooter and tried to take a photo of him, accidentally creating a shield with his phone.

We have so many questions:
Who is trying to shoot people with a bow and arrow in 2019?
Was he trying to steal from the rich to give to the poor?
Did he wear tights?
What phone is that?
Where can we buy one?

In all probability, had the man decided to run, rather than take a photo, he would have been hit – so Instagram culture might be good for something after all. Although the force of the arrow resulted in it reaching the victim’s chin, he suffered only a scratch and was able to alert the police, who arrested the alleged perpetrator.

We can only applaud his presence of mind and steely nerve – take a bow, son.

H/T: Mashable