This shocking dashcam footage of a near miss is heartstopping stuff

In a lucky escape, a pilot and passenger walked away with very minor injuries, not even warranting a trip to the hospital, after their light aircraft crashed near Buttonville Airport in Ontario. They weren’t the only ones who had a narrow squeak, however, as we see in this dashcam footage.


Posted by James Arianne, with the hashtag-heavy caption,

“So this happened today #ThePlaneBossThePlane #iThinkTheyMissedTheRunway #Markham #WoodbineAnd404 #ThatWasClose #DamnBruh”

the clip puts all those “horse loose on the motorway” videos into stark perspective and could have been harrowing evidence in a very different story.

When @blogTO shared the clip on Twitter, people were amazed by the stomach-churning miss.

Twitter user, @delliott13, had an important protocol question.

My question is…who has right-of-way in this situation?

H/T: Twitter Moments