The fabulous Brian Bilston has written the perfect poem to celebrate Pi Day

The 14th of March is Pi Day, because when the date is written in the American style – 3.14 – it matches the mathematical constant Pi (π), the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The internet tends to celebrate by doing jokes about pies, pirates and Magnum P.I., but Twitter poet – and the world’sBrian Bilston, has gone one better, with this beautiful new piece.

π in the sky

He’d think about her
constantly – well, 22/7 –
never completing.
He even stopped eating.

Then, one day – at 3.14 –
a chance meeting.
But, sadly,
not repeating.


Twitter, rightly, loved it.

Someone noticed his nod to the vulgar fraction representation of Pi.

It’s true, Brian does write some clever stuff.

Source: Brian Bilston