Eddie Mair’s takedown of Liz Truss is just glorious

To be filed under ‘if you only listen to one radio interview today …’ comes this gem courtesy of Eddie Mair’s encounter with chief secretary to the treasury Liz Truss.

The LBC presenter asked Truss about the possibility of a second EU referendum and, well, have a listen for yourself.

Eddie Mair: ‘What do you think of having another EU referendum?’

Liz Truss: A very, very, very bad idea.

EM: But people can change their minds can’t they?

LT: But they were told in the referendum in 2016 that their vote would be implemented and the reality is the vote needs to be implemented.

EM: But what about people who changed their minds between then and now.

LT: I don’t think people have their changed their minds.

EM: You have.

LT: I have that’s true. In the other way though Eddie.

EM: Oh I see … So people can change their minds but only if they go from remain to leave?

LT: But the point is I changed my mind in favour of what people voted for.

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

And that wasn’t the only golden bit of their exchange. It started pretty lively as well.

Eddie Mair: How have you personally been affected by austerity?

Liz Truss: Well I think the whole country has.

EM: I’m asking about you.

LT: Well (laughs) It’s not about me.

EM: My question’s about you, how have you been affected, have you been adversely affected?

LT: What I would say is (laughs again)

EM: I don’t know why it’s funny, a lot of people have had a terrible time with austerity.

LT: Eddie, I am not laughing, I am just questioning your question.

EM: Well you leave the questions up to me, what’s the answer to mine?

LT: My answer is all of us have been affected …

EM: How have you been affected?

LT: … by the difficult decisions that have have had to be made. But what we have done is we have limited those difficult decisions …

EM: It would be okay to say you haven’t been affected.

LT: I don’t think it’s a good question. I don’t know what it means.

EM: Well, I won’t comment on your answer. Let me ask you a different question …

You can watch the whole thing here.