This viral video turns everything you know about eating pineapple upside down

If you have any doubt that plants can defend themselves, consider the pineapple. It has a thick, spiny skin that is a serious deterrent to any animal thinking of swooping in and having a sly munch, and that includes humans, who struggle so much to get the delicious fruit from its vicious armour that we’re horribly susceptible to giving up and buying it in packs and tins.

One TikTok user, named dillonroberts22, has shared a video that shows we’ve simply been doing it wrong this whole time. Be warned – there are some heavy duty chewing sounds you might want to avoid.

How? What? Is this real? Biomedical Science student, Lewis McCluskey, shared the clip on Twitter.

His post of Dillon’s video has been shared nearly 45 thousand times and viewed more than 12 million, with many people having much the same reaction as we did – namely, WTF?

That big old elephant kept lumbering around the room.

Still …how about that pineapple, eh?

Clever clogs.

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