There’s a very funny reason behind this odd house-share advert

It’s important to be careful when choosing housemates. The last thing you want is someone whose lifestyle clashes with your own, or who can’t obey the simple rules of a house share, such as “Don’t eat other people’s food”, “Clean the shower after you use it” and “No Ed Sheeran” – it’s just good manners, really.

A house-share notice near the London School of Economics, spotted by sub-editor Jayne Nelson, seemed oddly specific in the type of housemate not welcome to apply.

What terrible history with anthropologists could Amarjit possibly have to make him go to such lengths? People were intrigued.

One anthropologist, @NuclearAnthro, pledged to fight back.

Another sensed a conspiracy.

Perhaps it was reverse psychology …

Was it just the subject itself?

Would it be possible to heal the rift?

With the tweet picking up a lot of attention, it caught the eye of somebody who could answer the questions …Amarjit!

Really? Washing-up? Someone had another theory.

Bullseye! Maybe none of Amarjit’s girlfriends have ever helped do the dishes.

At the time of writing, the room is still available.

So, if anyone’s looking for a room, you know what to do – no anthropologists, obviously.

Source: Jayne Nelson and Amarjit.Chanion