Andrew Neil really didn’t like what Stewart Lee wrote about him and it just made the whole thing even better

Andrew Neil, the soon to be former presenter of BBC1’s This Week (and much else besides) really, really wasn’t happy with what Stewart Lee had to say about him in the Observer.

We know this because he went on Twitter in a huff and did this.

And we’re very glad he did because it turned into the ultimate self-own.

In case you missed it, here’s how Stewart Lee’s piece started (and you can read the whole thing here).

Last week, supposedly unprecedented spring wildfires raged across dry, bushy and exposed areas. On Monday, having dealt with serious incidents at Saddleworth Moor and Hundred Acre Wood, teams of specialised firefighters also attended the small piece of Shredded Wheat that lives on top of Andrew Neil’s head.

Dozens of grateful weevils were saved from certain death in the breakfast bisc inferno by the firefighters and rehoused in temporary accommodation in the nearby clumps of Andrew Neil’s ear hair, while his nostrils became emergency treatment centres for scorched pests.

Andrew Neil’s head wheat had begun smouldering when he heard that Penny Mordaunt MP had agreed to be filmed for This Week, making the case for Hard Brexit while swimming around a giant floating model of the UK in Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock.

Neil’s morning bisc crown had crumbled during the blaze and so its remains were eaten as a This Week green room snack by Michael Portillo, who lapped up the wheaten fragments with warmed milk from his dish, like a pleased cat.

And here’s just a flavour of the delight the presenter’s fury generated on Twitter.














To conclude …

We look forward to Stewart Lee returning to the topic in his next column.