The replies to this Guardian reader’s First World problem are glorious

At a time when people are panic-buying tinned fruit so they can still get their 5-a-day after Brexit, this Guardian Money question, sent in by a reader, is veering dangerously into the First World problem area.

“We have fallen in love with a house that is perfect for us in every respect bar one – it has a swimming pool. We have never wanted one, and fear it will turn into a money pit. Short of paying to fill it in, is there anything that can be done with it – preferably something green that would encourage wildlife?”

Yeah, that’s gone way beyond “veering towards”, actually. Although it’s a nice thought and ‘peak Guardian reader’ that they want to do the greenest thing with the unwanted pool, other readers couldn’t help taking the piss, and it raises the item to a whole new level.

Naturally, someone had a Brexit-related solution.

However, when the Guardian shared the link, writer David Quantick had a very different suggestion.

Source: Guardian
H/T: David Quantick