A dad versus baby rap battle has gone viral because it’s just adorable

We all know how rap battles are supposed to go, with each battler spitting sick rhymes that tear the other one down a peg or ten, until one is the obvious winner. That’s not what happened when actor and rapper, Brandon C. Thomas – a.k.a. B-doe – had a rap battle with his baby son, Quentin, which makes sense because of the whole babies not being able to rap thing. See for yourself, and we defy you not to smile.

I think we all know who’s the clear winner here – it’s everyone who watches it.

The clip has gone viral, with over 6m views and counting, between Twitter and Facebook, as well as bringing a smile to a lot of faces.

Tech expert, Scott Hanselman, had some words of consolation for Brandon.

There was never going to be a good enough comeback to that giggle.

Luckily, Quentin is a gracious winner.

Source: Brandon C. Thomas