This Uber driver lets passengers choose what sort of ride they want and it’s brilliant

There are many good things about Uber and there are many, well, less good things about it.

But imagine if every driver had a ‘ride type menu’ in which you could choose the sort of journey you want. Which is exactly what happened to this person, and it’s brilliant.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, here they are again.

1. The Stand Up:

“I tell you about things that are funny (to me at least). From prison stories to other poor life choices I’ve made. Don’t get a lovers name tattooed on you. Ever.”

2. The Silent Ride:

3. The Therapy Ride:

“Got something on your mind?
Let me help take it off. Talk to me.”

4. The Creepy Ride:

“I don’t say anything. I just look at you from time to time in the rearview mirror. All creepy like.”

5. The Rude Ride

“I be as rude as possible.”

Here a few of our favourite things people were saying about it.

And just because you’re wondering – of course you’re wondering – this is the Uber driver who came up with it. All hail George …

Other Ubers tried something similar – but different.

To conclude …