Derek Hatton has been suspended from Labour after 2 days – the only 7 reactions you need to read

A mere two days after being welcomed back into the bosom of the Labour party after 34 years in the wilderness, controversial political figure, Derek “Degsy” Hatton has been suspended. It happened after an old tweet came to light, which was far from a good look with the recent and ongoing anti-semitism row.

If this had happened at any other time, it would have been huge news, but with the political turmoil we see every day, it was virtually a footnote. That didn’t stop Twitter from chipping in with a few jibes, however. These are our favourites.








Several people gave a nod to Hatton’s past, when he sent redundancy notices to 30,000 council employees by taxi.

The whole debacle made some people’s tweets look old really quickly.

It looked very much like the Labour Party had decided to be more like comedy writer Nick Pettigrew‘s mum.

However, in an update that will surprise nobody …

We give in.