Julia Hartley-Brewer’s attempt to put down a reply backfired spectacularly

As the UK haemorrhages jobs, it was dealt another blow with the news that Honda’s Swindon plant is to close in 2021. The company cited various reasons, including global economic markets and the necessity to create more electric vehicles, but interpreters couldn’t help but suspect the B-word might have had some influence – and I don’t mean ‘bikes’.

Right-wing columnist, Julia Hartley-Brewer weighed in with her definitive pronouncements that Brexit had nothing to do with it – presumably based on her extensive experience of the UK car industry, including making this statement.

It wasn’t the clincher she might have hoped, as people pointed out.

Among many others, she got this clear reply.

Never a fan of being corrected, she attempted to swat him away.

But Dany had an answer for her – and it was a zinger.

“I sincerely doubt it as I worked there and know the exact numbers of exports in EMEA and other markets.”

But …but, she read the article – paragraph one, anyway.

Writer Otto English captured the moment and shared it for posterity.

People loved seeing her bluster come to nothing.

Twitter user @Geds2112 came to a conclusion: