A lovely anecdote about the late Karl Lagerfeld shows him in an unexpected light

After a lifetime spent at the cutting edge of fashion, the great designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has died in Paris at the age of 85. He had a reputation for self-reinvention and clear vision, and his sense of personal style was instantly recognisable. One anecdote, shared on Twitter by journalist, Svenja O’Donnell, paints an unexpected picture of the man who was at the helm of Chanel for decades – this is how it unfolded.

Svenja was lucky enough to have a well-placed connection.

Like many a little child before her, she had her heart set on something other than what was on offer.

Unlike most other children, a fashion and pop culture icon was on hand to help persuade her.

Instead of persuading her, he helped her realise her wish.

It says a lot about his creative spark and patience, and will remain a treasured memory for Svenja.

People loved her story, with some sharing their own tales.

Twitter user @MarciaBunney recognised the importance of the exchange.

How true.