There is a Princess Diana musical and we have questions – so many questions

Since her tragic death in 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, has become even more of an icon than she was in life – why else would products like these still be available?



Because of this, we shouldn’t really be surprised to learn that somebody wrote a musical dedicated to “the People’s Princess” – we shouldn’t be, but we are, and so was development director, Ryan Bloomquist.

One of four musicals written by American composer and Princess Diana fan, Karen Sokolof Javitch, the show got somewhat mixed reviews from Twitter, although some may have been sarcastic.

Now, we have questions, namely: “Why?”, “Does Camilla have this on Blu-Ray?”, “Is she wearing a Hillary Clinton wig?” and “Where can we get the soundtrack – just for the novelty value, you understand?”

If the clip has whetted your appetite for songs about Diana, here’s a tribute from the show’s creator. Enjoy.

The full version of the musical is almost two hours long, but if you want to watch it – and why wouldn’t you? – it’s available here.

Twitter user, Angus McKechnie, gave us food for thought.

We can but hope.

H/T: Ryan Bloomquist

Source: YouTube