Comedian Michael Spicer absolutely nails the makeover show in this hilarious sketch

If there’s one kind of TV show that has cornered the niche love-hate audience market, it’s the makeover show. From the teams of designers swanning in to impose a Rococo style on the five-by-three metre living room of an ex-council house in Burnley, to Kirstie Allsopp knocking down walls and knitting chandeliers – or whatever it is she does – we’re well and truly hooked.

Now, the very funny Michael Spicer has managed to capture the essence of the genre in one insightful sketch.

Michael’s portrayal of a makeover show host is so eerily convincing, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him get his own series doing the job for real.

Twitter users loved the clip, especially those who have suffered through actually watched makeover shows.

The one slight – and it’s really miniscule – difference between this and a real makeover show is that the estate agent is honest. This is the face they would all make, if they didn’t have to lie for the camera.

Which is why there needs to be a Michael Spicer show – BBC, take note.

Source: Michael Spicer