This chocolate calendar might just make the countdown to Brexit a little sweeter

If you thought the countdown to Brexit Day was a terrifying free fall into the unknown, we’d be hard-pressed to come up with a convincing argument to the contrary, but we have found a positive – an Advent-style Brexit calendar. The creation of Simon Jack, founder of the chocolate calendar and card company, Bonbonjour, it contains “29 fun pokes, absurd jokes and shocking puns” hidden behind its doors, with flavoured chocolate treats to make March a little more tolerable.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but as a taster, the hidden messages include these:

“Theresa May chasing the youth vote by rapping her political broadcasts. Corbyn claims hiphopcrasy.”

“House prices in Torquay plummet as the re-homing program begins for Benidorm expats.”

“As parliament despairs over a deal or no deal scenario, everything is riding on new Brexit minister, Noel Edmonds.”

“Your E111 health card has expired. Skiing injuries now cost an arm and a leg.”

Describing the calendar as being “in the true British spirit of laughing in the face of adversity”, Simon added a sneaky little jab at the UK’s Brexit planning track record by lining up the doors on the EU side in an orderly fashion, whilst the UK side is considerably more haphazard. Best of all – the chocolates are Belgian.

If Theresa May weren’t diabetic, we’d be tempted to send her one.

Images: Simon Jack