A customer given their omelette for free still complained and the restaurant’s comeback was brutal

We’ve all been out for meals that didn’t quite live up to expectation and most of the time we probably wouldn’t say anything because, well, we don’t want to cause a fuss, right?

But if we did say something and they gave us the meal for free, then we certainly wouldn’t go online afterwards and moan about it.

Except that’s exactly what this person did when he was given a different cheese in his omelette from the one he expected (and was subsequently given it free of charge).

Here’s how the exchange begun, as shared on Imgur.

And here’s exactly what the chef had to say about that (and they saved their best line for the very last).

And here are just a handful of our favourite responses on Imgur which we reckon pretty much say it all.

‘Shit if someone gave me gruyere instead of literally any other cheese I would kiss them square on the mouth.’ WITH tongue

‘I love people who complain about the food they got but they eat the whole thing before demanding their money back.’

‘This is the shit they’re talking about when they say life is too short.’