People are loving this anti-vaxxer mum’s meltdown after her daughter got vaccinated

The imaginative ways in which the anti-vaccination lobby – known as anti-vaxxers – try to make their case are topped only by the brutal takedowns that invariably follow.

And this takedown was even more satisfying than most because it was the ultimate response by the anti-vaxxer mum’s own daughter.

The 14-year-old called Beth posted on ‘Am I The Asshole’ on Reddit and asked: ‘Am I The Asshole for getting my vaccines at school?’

To which the response was a resounding ‘no’.

And just for the avoidance of doubt she shared the text exchange with her mother that followed and it’s quite the meltdown, as featured by the good people of Bored Panda.

And here are just a few of the responses it prompted.