Mitch Benn’s “How Are You Still Here, Chris Grayling?” finally solves the mystery

Comedian and musician, Mitch Benn, has an impressive back catalogue of amusing political songs, including Why Can’t We Rule Out a No-deal Brexit?, A Song For Brexit Meltdown Day and What is the Point of Jeremy Corbyn?, so it’s no surprise that he’s come up with an absolute banger to “celebrate” the incompetence of Chris Grayling. Much like everyone else, Mitch has asked “How Are You Still Here, Chris Grayling?”, but unlike the rest of us, he has a convincing answer.

It includes the zinger of a line,

“In any other line of work, you’d be out on your arse by now.”

We also feel a salute is necessary to this face, which is all our reactions to news about Chris Grayling.

Mitch’s idea seems like the only reasonable explanation, so from now on, we’ll think of good old Failing Grayling as the Secretary of State for Unfavourable Comparison With Liam Fox”.

Thanks for that, Mitch.

Source: Mitch Benn