The HQ of Nigel Farage’s new party is a B&B in Norwich

Having declared UKIP too extreme for him because of its anti-Muslim stance – yes, we had to read that twice, too – Nigel Farage has started a new party to fight for Brexit, which he believes is being undermined by …well, everyone except him. In a moment of pure Ronseal inspiration, he’s called it “The Brexit Party”.


As if giving the party the only name less imaginative than Party McPartyface weren’t bad enough, its registered address is The Annapurna Guesthouse in Norwich, property of The Brexit Party’s only director and former UKIP Economics spokesperson, Catherine Blaiklock. The Evolve Politics news outlet spotted this nugget and shared it on Twitter.

Naturally, the pisstakes started rolling in.

The guesthouse has picked up some pretty awful reviews on Tripadvisor:

These all served to make one Twitter user’s comment seem even more apt.

Sadly, the 7-times failed parliamentary candidate didn’t announce the new party with an infomercial on a powerboat on the Norfolk Broads, but with this tweet.