Gordon Banks’ advice for this young keeper shows he was a legend off and on the pitch

People all over the world have been paying tribute to England’s 1966 World Cup-winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks, who has died aged 81.


And of all the clips that people were sharing, this is surely the very best, his wonder save from Pele during the 1970 World Cup game against Brazil.

But it wasn’t just his exploits on the pitch that went viral.

There was also the amazing response Banks gave to journalist Lee Marlow after he interviewed him for his local paper.

Lee told him his son played in goal and he took the time to offer this fantastic advice which is still on his son’s wall today.

Here’s what Lee had to say.

‘I interviewed Gordon Banks when I was at the Mercury. I told him my lad played in goal.

‘I didn’t put his response in the story but it was so lovely I transcribed it and gave it to my son. It’s still on his bedroom wall today.

‘God bless you, Gordon Banks x’

Just brilliant.

RIP Gordon Banks.


Not everyone quite got it right though …