Elon Musk flirting with the planet Mars on Twitter is very on brand

Elon Musk is the eccentric billionaire we didn’t ask for, but have anyway. Having launched one of his futuristic Tesla cars into space for no good reason we can see, he proceeded to make the wrong kind of headlines by branding a diving expert a paedophile, whilst having a tantrum because the diver hadn’t used Musk’s submarine to facilitate a cave rescue. His current obsession is with getting to Mars, the planet, not the chocolate factory, so it wasn’t really a surprise when the two got flirty on Twitter.

It started when someone who has now left Twitter shared her desire to avoid men.

Mars wasn’t interested, apparently, having “eyes” only for one person …

Never a man to let a good offer go by, Elon responded in kind.

The flirting continued, because that’s not weird at all.





Yes. Yes, he did.


While Elon was arranging his hook-up, someone – or somewhere – was watching.

Twitter: come for the puns, stay for the planetary love triangles. We’re just glad Uranus didn’t get involved.

H/T: Bored Panda