This viral clip of a man trying to get dressed will make you despair for humanity

Although it’s not new, a video of a drunk man trying to get dressed while his companions argue around him has recently gone viral for a very good reason – the sweatshirt he thinks he’s putting on is actually a pair of tracksuit bottoms and his bewilderment is hilarious.

This is the earliest incarnation we’ve found.

While the Polish original was popular, it’s only on Twitter that it’s really come into its own, picking up well over eight million views and counting.

Claudia Jones’ tweet alone has been shared nearly 50,000 times, with many more quote tweets earning yet more retweets.

One person thought it could be a handy warning against getting involved with men – we’re sure she was only kidding.

It can definitely be used to guarantee a laugh, though.

One woman asked a question you may have been pondering.

Alas, we may never know, but it’s still a thing of beauty.