This hilarious sketch has a savage new take on an urban myth about racism

You must have heard the story about the person – usually a woman – travelling on public transport in Wales, talking to their companion when they’re berated for not speaking English in England. You can read one example here. It’s probably not exactly true, whilst also being something that happens in one form another all the time – Schrödinger’s anecdote, if you will.

Now, the BBC’s showcase for Welsh comedy, BBC Sesh, has shared a hilarious new take on the story, featuring half Welsh, half Spanish, all funny comedian, Ignacio Lopez.

“Where do racists get their catchphrases from?”

“Is there a sale on Britain First phrasebooks or something?”

When Sesh shared it on Facebook, some commenters strongly identified with Ignacio’s character.

Not everybody understood that the video, starring a comedian and posted by a sketch-producing comedy outlet, was meant to be a joke.

Facebook user, Freddie Buchan, had an anecdote of his own that was very telling.

What lessons can be learnt from this? Study another language, remember what country you’re in and stop being a racist.

Source: BBC Sesh