18 pictures that prove all cats are dicks

Anyone who has ever owned a cat – or even just been in the same room as one for more than an hour – knows that they’re basically dicks. While there’s not much you can do about it, and certainly nothing they’ll care about, we were quite amused to see these cats being called out for their dickish behaviour.

1. Minnos – the bottle sniffer

2. Dodger – the waster of paper and ink

3. Freddie and Frida – bearer of terrible gifts

4. Yuki – the grocery chewer

5. Phoenix – destroyer of flip-flops

6. Lavinia – the ridiculously early riser

7. The nameless and shameless careless puker

8. Orange Julius – master of all I survey

9. Matta – the sneak attacka

10. Coco and LIly – the bog hoggers

11. Maki the liquid cat – taking up the whole fruit bowl

12. Nova – the death of wires

13. Milo – the lazy arse

14. Manju – the cake nabber

15. Feathers – the little shit (On the wall, obviously)

16. Chunk – the laundry piddler

17. Anonymous -probably drunk – cat

18. LeBron – greedy bully

Was this a bit harsh on Winnie – who probably doesn’t have great depth perception?

Nah! It was definitely deliberate – just look at her.

Source: Bored Panda