An illustrator had the perfect response to a “for exposure” scrounger

For some reason, people think it’s okay to ask creative workers to do jobs for nothing more than the publicity they generate, in a way that would be unthinkable when dealing with a plumber or a nurse, for example. When this particular brand of “for exposure only” scrounger tried to hit up illustrator, @EnSomnios, he had the ideal solution, and he shared it with us all on Twitter.

It seemed as though he couldn’t quite believe it himself, but the screenshots confirm the worst.

It started off in an innocuous, if a little pushy, way.

Unfortunately, it took a slightly creepy turn.

Of course, the anonymous enquirer didn’t want to pay actual money for the job.

To which @EnSomnios had the most beautiful clapback you’ll ever see.


His pithy response has gone viral, hopefully inspiring other artistic types who might end up in the same boat – and by “might”, we mean “will”. Other Twitter users clearly felt his pain.

This succinct reaction nails it.

Source: @EnSomnios