A 7-year-old’s hilariously simple take on gender is a lesson for us all

The issue of transgender rights continues to be a Gordian Knot of confusion, threat and misinterpretation – not always accidental – so when someone cuts through the knot, it’s very refreshing. One 7-year-old girl has done just that while explaining the facts of life to her little brother, and their mum, writer Victoria Richards, proudly shared her insightful take on Twitter.

“Everyone has bums” – it really is that simple. People loved her explanation so much, there was even call for a T-shirt.

Even without a T-shirt, she definitely got the message across – and people are here for it.

Victoria wrote about the incident for the Huffington Post, making this powerful point:

“There’s a serious message here, though, behind the lols. How can it be that our kids get it, so easily and simply, but we don’t? They understand the subtle nuances of NOT being racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist even though they can’t even tie their own shoelaces. Grown-ups have a lot to learn.”