This animal rescue tale is both heartwarming and cat-warming

With temperatures in the US having recently reached as low as -60 degrees, due to the polar vortex, it hasn’t been a good time to be a small animal. One cat from Minnesota, named Fluffy, is the perfect example of this, having had a very near miss in the snow. Her story was told on Facebook by the clinic that treated her.

“Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow. They brought her to us essentially frozen and unresponsive.”

Using blankets, warm water and a hairdryer, the clinic staff slowly warmed Fluffy, and she began to show signs of life.

After an overnight stay and some IV rehydration, Fluffy was as good as new …

Her remarkable recovery was picked up by the media, who spoke to the doctor from the clinic.

Amid much criticism of her owners for letting her out, one Twitter user made this comment.

Fluffy’s owners have understandably decided she’ll be an indoor cat from now on, which is good news for the eight lives she has left.

H/T: Now This