“Mastermum” is the comedy quiz that blows the lid off the joys of parenting

Comedy sketch team, Mothers Ruined, has both the insight and humour to share an all-too familiar vision of parenthood – warts and all. In this sketch, based on the BBC flagship quiz, Mastermind, they deal with some tricky question and get a rare bonus for mums – a sit down.

Starring Jayne Sharp, who writes the sketches alongside Amanda Wilkie, highlights of “Mastermum” include:

“Quizmaster: What is the appropriate parental response if your child says “I’m hungry” between meals?

Jayne: If you’re hungry …have some fruit.”

“Quizmaster: What is the most effective method of getting a teenager to leave their bedroom?

Jayne: Turning off the WI-Fi.”

The video isn’t just funny, but speaks directly to parents, too.

To prove it isn’t just the mums who are run ragged, one dad had this to say –

Ain’t that the truth.

Source: Mothers Ruined