Watch the Speaker of the House of Commons skewer a Tory MP for being a snowflake

You can’t have missed the furore that developed yesterday over a comment by Donald Tusk, calling out the architects of Brexit for their lack of a plan. When Tory Brexiter Peter Bone, MP for slamming the EU – and also Wellingborough, took to his feet to ask how the House could complain, Speaker John Bercow had no time for his over-sensitivity.

“I was not hitherto conscious that the Honourable Gentleman, the Member for Wellingborough, was notably sensitive – that he was in any sense a delicate flower.”

To add insult to injury, or more accurately – to add fact-check to insult, MP Joanna Cherry’s correction must have stung.

The clip has been very well received on Twitter.

Several Twitter users, including Andrew Griffiths had an excellent suggestion.

We eagerly await the big reveal.