This guy took very satisfying revenge on the cheapskate who refused to pay full price

There’s something about the act of selling a secondhand item online that immediately attracts a whole bunch of cheapskates who insist you sell it to them even cheaper.

Not all of them, thank goodness, are as persistent as this chap (although, given the number of times we’ve written a story like this, it’s not altogether rare either).

Anyway, this tale of a chap trying to sell his leaf blower, as shared on a recent Reddit post, had a very happy ending when, well, have a read for yourself.

And here are some of our favourite comments it prompted on Reddit.

‘:D 😀 😀 it has to be BEFORE 8 or I won’t pay you
Why is it that in so many of these posts, these people talk to private sellers with this ridiculous entitlement like they’re speaking to sales reps from huge businesses? this isn’t domino’s, idiot.’ mrk41

His emojis too 😂 He was so tickled that his negotiating paid off. RebelRoad

He really tried to do a countdown on you…the audacity Nongshimornothing

I just picture him in a fit of rage, sitting in front of a stack of bills, removing one each minute.
Edit: Thank you for the gold, sweet stranger! RebelR

Or if you prefer a five word summary … blow it up your arse.