One Brexiter has a bizarre solution to any future banana shortage

LBC gets its fair share of calls from strident Leave voters insisting that Brexit will lead to the Land of Milk and Honey – which is terrible for vegans and people who don’t like being sticky, but whatever – and others who swear the Blitz spirit will be the answer. Presenter Matt Stadlen recently took a call from a man named Craig, who wasn’t cowed by the panic-mongers over potential shortages after Brexit, and this is how the discussion went.

The gist of his argument was this.

Craig: At the end of the day I’m a human being, if I need a banana, I’m gonna get a banana

Matt: Where are you going to get your bananas from if there are shortages?

Craig: I’ll go and get ’em myself, I’ll climb the mountains of, anywhere, and get them.

Matt: We don’t grow bananas in the UK.

Craig: No, we don’t, and neither do many places in Europe. The only place is …Sweden don’t grow any bananas. They’ve got plenty.

We can only assume Sweden has armies of banana-tracking mountaineers bringing back the prize.

Matt then asked another caller, Tim, what he thought of Craig’s point, to which he replied:

“My goodness me, this is why this country’s in a muddle isn’t it? We’ve got someone who thinks they can get a banana anywhere, Iain Duncan Smith who thinks he won’t lose a job”

LBC tweeted the link and got q lot of reactions, including these:

There was also one quite sobering thought.

Source: LBC