This Daily Mail correction is an extraordinary and very satisfying read

You might remember a little while ago a brilliant thread by someone called Marwan Muhammad who took issue with a Daily Mail story about ‘illegal immigrants’ in Paris and the ‘tensions in a community at odds with mainstream society’.

The forensic deconstruction of the Mail piece went madly viral because it was so brilliantly done.

Now the Mail has published a correction to the story and it’s going viral all over again. This is why.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, this might make it a little bit easier.

Shame it won’t get the prominence the original story did, so we’re happy to do our bit to help as many people as possible to see it.

Here are some of our favourite things people are saying about it.

This is from someone who complained about the article after it first appeared.

Others said it showed the need for further regulation of the press.

There was also this important point.

And if you want to read the brilliant takedown of the original article by Marwan Muhammad , you can find it here.