The takedown of this anti-vaxxer mum of five wins burn of the week

In the absence of hard facts, the anti-vaccination lobby – known as anti-vaxxers – comes up with all sorts of imaginative ways with which to make their case.

And there’s something about their efforts that makes them susceptible to the most entertaining and devastating burns.

This mother of five, who decided to make her anti-vax case on Facebook, is a fabulous case in point.


Which took us back to these 5 takedowns of an anti-vaxxer made even better by using their own logic and this nurse’s epic shutdown which also had people cheering.

And then there was this anti-vaxxer who asked how to protect her 3-year-old from measles and what Roald Dahl had to say about the whole thing back in the 1980s in a heartfelt – and heartbreaking – message.