Right wing student group Turning Point UK’s Twitter launch was sabotaged to glorious effect

The UK launch branch of Turning Point, a right-wing student movement for “free markets, limited government and public responsibility”, has just launched on Twitter but it hasn’t gone entirely to plan.

Turning Point, which has the backing of Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg (so it must be good) launched as @TPointUK on Twitter and is keen to reassure its followers that young people can be right wing too.

Except you might struggle to find it because a whole bunch of spoof accounts shot up at the same time, Spartacus-style, all claiming to be Turning Point UK. And it’s glorious.

With lots of spoof feeds like this.

And these.

And just general trolling like this.

So the real Turning Point UK – at least, we think they’re the real ones, felt the need to clarify matters.

To conclude …

And …