Bob Dylan’s contribution to We Are The World was hilariously awkward

In 1985, after the huge success of Do They Know It’s Christmas?, a number of American performers came together to create a supergroup, United Support of Artists (USA) for Africa, and record a Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson composition, We Are The World. You can watch the full version here, but we’re a lot more interested in this close-up of Bob Dylan.

We can see why the clip has kept @zei_nabq amused, as none of us ever expected to see the legendary folk and protest singer – not to mention Nobel laureate – looking like a footballer who forgot to learn the national anthem before the big match. It’s safe to say, Bob didn’t do his homework.

Here are some of our favourite reactions.

One Twitter user saw it as a very topical analogy.

Bob seems a bit too coherent for that.