Microsoft classified the Daily Mail as fake news and people love it

Microsoft – stick with us, please – has called out the Daily Mail for fake news in a new feature on its internet browser.

Something it has called NewsGuard tells readers to proceed with caution because ‘the site regularly publishes content that has damaged reputations, caused widespread alarm, or constituted harassment or invasion of privacy’.

It also says Mail Online ‘generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability’ and ‘has been forced to pay damages in numerous high-profile cases’.

Finally, something to like about Microsoft.

And here’s how they came to their decision.

Yep, looks about right to us. And this is what people made of it.

And here’s what the Mail Online told the Guardian in response.

“We have only very recently become aware of the NewsGuard startup and are in discussions with them to have this egregiously erroneous classification resolved as soon as possible.”