Liz Kershaw saw an upside to 430 job losses but not everyone spotted the silver lining

In news that may have passed you by, 430 jobs will be lost after Philips announced it was closing its baby bottle factory in Suffolk and moving it to Holland.

Rotten news, you might think, except BBC DJ Liz Kershaw saw the upside and it might just win for facepalm of the week.

Four-letter words aside, it does seem a slightly unusual angle to take.

Here’s what she had to say when she appeared on Sky News’s paper review.

‘So they are moving the production which is now in East Anglia to Holland. Well I think this is great.

‘It’s terrible that some jobs are being lost in East Anglia.

‘However doesn’t it show faith by a multinational in a global market, Philips, that they are confident they can manufacture these bottle in Holland and they will still easily [with frictionless trade] be able to import them to the UK.’

When it was pointed out that the 430 people lost jobs wouldn’t see it as positive, she said:

‘No, I’m not saying that.’

And here’s just a few of the responses online.