Someone tried to get a portrait for free and the artist had the perfect knockback

For some reason, people seem to think that creative types should give their services for free or for “exposure”, as though artistic work is somehow less valid than fixing a car or teaching a class of children. When one part-time artist received a request for a portrait, she asked for a very reasonable fee, but got a really ungrateful reaction. Redditor cheloniidae shared her story with the words:

“I draw as a hobby and for my family, but will do commissions when I have free time. This “friend” wanted a picture of herself to be drawn for free because she’s a college student.”

The request came out of the blue, from an old college acquaintance.

She didn’t take kindly to the request for money.

But the artist stood her ground.

With the “friend” still trying to get a free picture, the artist made her position more than clear.

This is not what you’d call a gracious acceptance.

Redditors couldn’t believe the cheek of the freeloader, but enjoyed seeing her put in her place.





She’ll have to make do with a selfie.
Source: Reddit