Never forget that a rabid misogynist verbally attacked a woman for choosing cornflakes

There’s something about a woman posting stuff on the internet that outrages a certain kind of man – I believe the technical term is “fuckwit”. As proof that the woman doesn’t even have to say anything controversial or confrontational, writer Rosie Fletcher shared a screenshot of a NSFW attack by a – now suspended – account.

The astonishing post from 2018 racked up 29k retweets, as people tried to take in the sheer venom contained in a tweet responding to a comment about cornflakes.

Rosie almost certainly outraged her attacker even more, with this perfect indirect takedown.

She followed it up with this not-so-subtle trolling.

Even tweeting about being abused got her more abuse, including this bizarre attack.

The post cropped up again when Rosie tweeted this.

If any cornflake haters were lurking, this tweet must have reassured them.

Once again, the Meninists won’t have liked this:

Well played, Rosie Fletcher.