Countdown’s Rachel Riley had a 4-letter word for George Galloway and people loved her for it

Countdown’s Rachel Riley is never afraid to speak her mind on Twitter, and for that we are very grateful.

There was the moment she said this about that unfortunate looking scarf and people who wear fur.

And the time she came up with a new ‘creative insult’.

Anyway, we digress. We’re here because Riley responded to criticism from George Galloway after she said this about antisemitism and the Labour Party.

She got plenty of support, including a tweet from this chap you might have heard of.

Except George Galloway, well, George Galloway, he wasn’t happy. Not at all.

There was no shortage of replies in support of Riley. People like this …

… and this.

But no-one was quite so succinct as Riley herself.

Not everyone appreciated it.

But lots of people did.