“Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever done a wee next to?” – 18 flushed responses

The internet has a reputation for subtly encouraging people to overshare, with the culture of posting personal woes on Facebook, every meal on Instagram, and multiple selfies on – well – everywhere. Sometimes, the oversharing is less subtle, like this question from writer Rick Burin on Twitter:

Yes, well, erm …was Rick prepared to put his money where his mouth is? Yes. Yes, he was.

As luck would have it, his question opened the metaphorical floodgates. Here are just 18 – plus bonuses – of the more than 600 replies.

1. Huge, if true …

2. This story was a bit of a Blur

3. It’s like peeing near the Queen

4. It’s like peeing near the Queen, part 2

5. It’s like – you get where I’m going with this

6. What’s the protocol on tagging your celebrity urinal buddy?

7. Suspiciously specific

8. Some encounters were rasher than others

9. Some strayed from the remit

10. This probably doesn’t count, but just look at that frieze

11. Even bona fide movie stars have to pee